Ms. Bates’s Sight Words with Translations for English Learners

msbatessightwordsappIf you know me personally, you know my husband and I make apps. You probably also know that my sister Chelsea Bates is a first grade EL teacher in Metro Nashville Public Schools. She wanted to build an app that her students and their parents could use together to practice their sight words. So together we made it happen!

Our sight words app has the 220 Dolch sight words in English, and also have a sample sentence in English with each word. We have translations of each sight word in Spanish and Arabic.

The sight words app is available for iOS and Android. It’s free! (Or, if you’d like an ad-free version, you can buy it for just a dollar!)

iOS : FREE, ad-supported

iOS : $1 with no ads

Android : FREE, ad-supported

sight words appWe are still working on some translation kinks, and we want to add several more languages (including Kurdish, Mandarin, Tagalog, and more). We also have a way for users to request a language through the app, so please let us know if there’s a language you want to see!

I’m so proud of my sister for being such a caring, enthusiastic, resourceful teacher. I am also proud of my husband Mark for building and designing such a cool, useful app. As a lover of reading and writing, I’m excited to have helped build an app that empowers kids to learn to read.

Have you downloaded it? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Also, sharing is caring. If you know someone who would love this app, we would be so appreciative if you’d pass on the word.

Happy reading!


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