Yesterday he learned things. I learned things.

Yesterday Dax, Mark, my sisters and I went to two family Christmas gatherings, with long car rides separating them all. It was a long day, and a fun day, and a day full of hugs and food. Dax met new people, got lots of attention, and heard many conversations. He saw new lights and colors, smelled new smells.

We went first to my Dad’s house. We ate well. Chelsea got a new haircut and style from our stepbrother. My Dad held his grandson, who peed on his bed during a diaper change. (Sorry, Dad!) We had a good time.

Then we drove to our next Christmas gathering at my Aunt’s house. This is a large get together, and more people are born into it almost at the rate of one per year. We’re procreating fast. It was cool to see my cousins’ children play last night — dancing and making up silly songs and wrestling each other to the ground. It was the same thing my cousins and I did decades ago. In a few more decades, these kids will be watching their kids wrestle Dax’s kids. It kind of blew my mind.

It’s a big circle. It’s a continuation of the same thing, with small variables changing each year. It is amazing, this long line of humans. Where will it end? Will it end? Everything ends, I suppose, and we are so lucky to be here, alive, right now. We are so lucky.

Happy winter solstice. I’m deeply inward now, hibernating in a cozy cave. I look forward to longer daylight cycles and a warming of the earth.

Dax is talking now, making lots of sounds with his 7 week old tongue. I can’t understand him yet, but I can see how quickly it will come, us having real conversations. Everyone says it, but I never really understood: they grow up so fast.



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