NPL: New Southeast Branch is OPEN

The new Southeast Branch Library in Nashville.
The new Southeast Branch Library in Nashville.

This is great news for Antioch, or, ahem, *Southeast Nashville*, as some people are trying to rebrand the area refer to it. I’m from Antioch, and I like the name. Whatever you want to call our corner of Nashville, I’m excited for the changes I’ve seen in the past year. Between the Ford Ice Rink opening and the new and much improved Southeast Branch of the Nashville Public Library, some good things are happening in my area, and I’m so pleased.


So even though I’m 39+ weeks pregnant, I couldn’t help running by the library to see all the newness myself. Plus my library books are due tomorrow, so, yeah, it was serendipitous. And let me say, it’s gorgeous. It’s full of natural light. It has a designated Children’s area and a Teen area. There are lots of computers and iPads you can use. There are meeting rooms. I love it.

Great job, Nashville! I will be frequenting this library. There’s also a community center attached with a gym, a basketball court, fitness classes, and an outdoor playground.


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