Editing the beast: getting closer.

I am doing it. I am scared, but I’m doing it. I have a yoga teacher and friend, in part, to thank for this much needed push. [If you’re in Nashville, visit Megan Kipp’s yoga/massage sessions; they’re invigorating and transforming!]

On the full moon in August, I went to an all-female class led by Ms. Kipp, and afterward we had an intention setting plate decorating manifestation session. Here’s what I created!


Today’s another full moon, the full moon in Pisces. Funny how they roll right along, and we’ve already come to another one! Since that manifestation session a full lunar cycle ago, I’ve put actions into place to make many of these things happen. Most importantly, for me, I’ve been working on my novel, and I have a plan to get it completed. It feels nice.

With a birth on the horizon, finishing a novel doesn’t seem nearly as frightening as it did before. Push a child from my body and then raise that child into a gentle, loving, free-thinking human? That’s some pressure. Finishing a novel? In comparison, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, at all. But it IS a big deal. It’s a big deal to me. And I’ve had so much encouragement and love from the people I treasure.

Tonight as I look upon the full moon, I’ll remember the intentions I set one month ago. I’ll revisit them and breathe more life into them. Only I can birth this baby, and only I can birth this book. And that feeling is really really powerful and amazing. It’s not a power that needs to be feared.


Thank you to everyone who is in my corner. I am in yours, too. Happy full moon to you.


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