dear baby: 31 weeks, 4 days

Hello little stud,

yoga 2

We have your crib now, thanks to your Mimi and Papa Mike, though we haven’t put it together yet. We’re having a new floor put in your room next week, and then we’ll assemble the crib and start organizing your ever-growing amount of things! I’m getting excited about that — putting everything in place and imagining you among the toys. Imagining wrestling your little arms and legs into the sweet clothes we’ve collected. You are so lucky already, little buddy. You don’t even know how much love you’re about to encounter, from me and your dad, your grandparents, your real and honorary aunts and uncles, your great aunts and great uncles, your cousins and extended cousins.

birth art 2

belly shot

I’m growing even larger, and your kicks and wiggles are getting stronger. I’m feeling you beneath my ribs now, at mid-belly, and down LOW near my pelvis. I think that means you’re getting into position to exit my body and enter the world! It’s getting a little harder to move around, to flip myself over in bed, and to pick things up off the floor. Nothing too difficult, though. It just reminds me that I’m carrying you, and that’s pretty freaking cool. It’s starting to sink in that Mark and I will soon be parents. To you.

You have two dogs patiently waiting to be your proud and protective older siblings. Baron and Koshi are getting so close, so cozy. They are perfect companions, which makes me happy to think of, since when you arrive, they’ll most likely get less of our attention.


Here are 7 true things right now:
1. You still don’t have an official name, but Mark and I are getting closer.
2. Your cousin Thomas said your name should be Jack.
3. We told him he already has a cousin named Jack!
4. Baby showers are on the books!
5. I’m excited to celebrate you with all my friends and family.
6. Aunt Chelsea is spending the night with us tonight!
7. We’re taking the dogs to the dog park.

yoga 1

Love you, and see you soon!


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