dear baby: 28 weeks, 4 days

Hi little rambler,

belly with baron

You are moving quite a lot in there! You are getting bigger, and so am I. I can see your foot roll across my stomach. I can feel your knees and elbows in my womb. It’s pretty amazing. Your toes are near my left hip, and they tickle me and I laugh.

We’re less than 12 weeks away from your due date, and it’s sinking in that one day soon you’ll be here with us.

You’ll be a part of our lives. My arms will be full of a little wiggle worm, and I’ll learn to do everyday tasks one-handed. We’re scheduling baby showers. We’re receiving even more handed down clothes and baby gear. You’ll have some of your cousin TH’s clothes, and a swing that both he and Eloise used. Thomas climbed into my lap recently and asked about you. He pointed to my boobs and asked if you were in there. I said no, you were in my tummy. Then he asked if you had any toys in there. He must have been concerned that the womb was pretty boring. Papa Mike told him you only had one firetruck in there to play with.

painting baby's closetNana and I painted your closet, and soon we will paint the extra bedroom. Then we’ll tear out the carpet and have new floors put down. Then we’ll move all your stuff into your room. It’s still strange thinking that will be your space, and it will belong to you. All these clothes we’ve got will have your body in them. I can’t wait. You are a very lucky boy to have all these people around you who love you so much already. Nana is a wonderful mom to me, and I am excited to see her as a grandmother. I know she’ll shine even brighter with you in her arms.

I don’t know what to expect. I know that my life is about to change completely, and I’m ready to hold on (or to let go?) and enjoy the ride.


mark superman baby

Here are 7 true things right now:
1. Your aunts and your Nana are buying you tons of clothes.
2. I haven’t bought you anything.
3. We haven’t yet picked a name for you.
4. Naming things is harder than we thought. Imagine naming a PERSON!
5. We didn’t even name our dogs; we kept the names the rescues gave them.
6. You already have a Halloween costume.
7. You’ll be Superman.


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