I’m starting a Nashville Book Club!

On Monday Heather, the super cool owner and brain/soul of Atmalogy, asked me what type of event I’d like to run there. Without a beat, I said, “Book club!” It just flowed from my heart and out into the air.

And now, just like that, it’s happening: a Nashville book club, and you’re all invited.

book christmas tree nashville

Do you live in Nashville? Do you like to read? Then comment below and leave me your email address!  // You can also include your most recent favorite book + the days/times that are best for you, if you want. No pressure!

I’m fleshing out the details of the first book, the first meeting, and the general description of the book club, and I’d love to keep you updated on the happenings. We will meet at Atmalogy, most likely once a month, to discuss the month’s book selection and to chat and get to know each other. You can have a glass of wine or a beer if that will get you talking, or a cup of Joe. I would love to drink wine with you, but I’m pregnant. It’s just frowned upon.

I’ve been going to Atmalogy ever since I did a business group there last winter. If you live in Nashville and haven’t been, it’s a great place to get lunch, coffee, meet a friend, or have a business meeting. (They have High Garden Tea!! The space is so cozy!!) It’s right on West End with a convenient location and, AND free parking in the front and back.


We will start with a fiction pick, which I’m feverishly researching now. Please share this with any book worms you know that could use a good group of community and silliness, featured around bookish delights.

Let’s get together and read together, Nashville!

I can’t wait.




10 Replies to “I’m starting a Nashville Book Club!”

  1. I am really interested! I have not been part of a book club since moving from New York. I also know Heather. Bonus!

  2. Hi Jessica. I’m interested! My most recent favorite read- I just got done with my first Tom Robbins book, “Jitterbug Perfume”, which… Was awesome!

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