dear baby: 24 weeks, 6 days

Hi sweet bean,

We had an ultrasound a few weeks ago. We saw you sucking your thumb. We found out you’re a boy. Your dad and I were there, Aunt Chelsea was there, and Nana and Mimi were there. We were all excited. When we got to the parking garage, Nana jumped and yelled and cried.

You move around a lot now. I feel you moving most when I lie down to sleep. You move during the day, too, sometimes when I’m driving or when I’m working at my computer. It’s always a surprise to feel you moving inside me. I don’t think it will ever get old.

The calendar tells me you’re getting closer to arriving. My body is getting bigger, my belly grows. I’ve been meditating, and I’ve been doing yoga. I’ve been thinking about your room. We registered for baby gifts for our baby showers for you. People have been giving me gifts for you already, and I need to plan where all your stuff will go! My cousin Karen gave me blankets she used to swaddle her boys Landon and Grant. Your Aunt Ally knitted you a beautiful blanket. Your Aunt Stephanie sent me a box of maternity clothes and a breast pump. Your Aunts Chelsea and Maggie have been buying clothes, Nana tells me. Nana has bought you diapers already, and she also bought a beautiful ABC print for your room that I love. Erika, Emily, and Jessica bought you a Winnie the Pooh stroller and some clothes. A new friend in my business group brought me organic baby powder and butt balm that she made; what a kind gift!

There is already a lot of love around you, a lot of people in your corner. I’m already overwhelmed with it.

We don’t know your name yet, though that’s the question everyone asks us now. First the question was “boy or girl?” and now the question is “have you picked a name?” It will come.

We are working a lot, and we’re thinking about you and the changes that you will bring. You will be a milestone for me, before you, after you. We’re planning to paint some of our home and replace some floors before you come. Today we received our first robot, and your dad’s excited about it. It’s a robot vacuum; we haven’t named him yet, either.

I have been thinking of your birth, of how it will go. I know it will probably be much different than I imagine. Prenatal yoga starts this Sunday, and I will go, and we’ll get stronger and more relaxed, too.

Here are 7 true things right now:
1. Koshi is warming up to us a lot.
2. I am revising my novel.
3. I will have the novel ready before you arrive.
4. You might be a Ninja Turtle for Halloween, if you’ve arrived by then.
5. A bird is singing outside the window.
6. Dad and I have been watching The Sopranos on Netflix.
7. The Sopranos makes us crave Italian food and wine.





2 Replies to “dear baby: 24 weeks, 6 days”

  1. I know these posts are not for me, but I love reading them and getting to know you a little better through your writing. I think you will be a wonderful mom, Jess.

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