dear baby: 17 weeks, 6 days

mom and me in ATX

Hello, baby. You have working ears now, and you can hear me. I’ve been singing to you in the shower. I’ve always wanted an audience!

Since the last post I wrote to you, we’ve had some major emotional life changes. Mark’s grandmother Corinne, your great grandmother, died on Sunday, May 11. It was Mother’s Day. We also had to say goodbye to our sweet Angel at the old happy age of 15. There were many tears. In the midst of all of that greiving, it was a comfort to look forward to you, a new life. We are so excited to meet you.

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately, baby, me and you…

Me and Nana after brunch at Blue Dahlia.
Me and Nana after brunch at Blue Dahlia.

You took your first plane ride with me, baby. Me and my mom, your Nana, went to Austin, Texas, last week to visit my very dear friend. You’ll know her – Corey. We did lots of fun things with you, many of which revolved around eating. I’ve been really hungry lately.

Nana eats pizza at Home Slice.
Nana eats pizza at Home Slice.

We did some other really fun things, too, including walking around South Congress and checking out all the little shops along the way. We waited a while to have lunch at Home Slice, but it was totally worth it. I had two slices of pepperoni and could have eaten 62 slices. Then we saw a Master Pancake show of The Hunger Games, where comedians talked over the movie giving hilarious commentary and insights. Plus the theatre served food and drinks, and I had a delicious and very large chocolate milkshake.

Me, Corey, and Baubak awaiting the bat swarm.
Me, Corey, and Baubak awaiting the bat swarm.

We went to the bridge downtown and waited for the bats to fly out and into the night. Nana was a little scared of them, but I threw my arms up and watched them fly overhead. Corey was concerned that one might shit in her mouth.

Me and Nana cruising in style.
Me and Nana cruising in style.

Corey’s friends also celebrated their respective Master’s Degree and Citizenship with the rental of a big party boat. We had to drag Nana there, but once she was on the boat she was SO GLAD she came. We cruised around Lake Travis, IMG_3901we drank and ate (I drank mineral water; others drank liquor and beer), we danced, and we swam in the frigid water. So this trip also included your first boat ride! I think you liked it! Your dad gets a tad seasick, so I’m hoping you’ll have your mother’s strong stomach. Hah.

After the boat, Corey, Baubak, and I went to a Backyard Story Night. It was held in a backyard, obviously, and people brought food and blankets and lawn chairs. A few people got up and told stories, some were very entertaining and others were just about pee or puke. Corey and I demonstrated a game, and she had the crowd play it amongst themselves before the intermission.

Mommy does funky chair pose, and you tumble in her belly.
Mommy does funky chair pose, and you tumble in her belly.

Monday we went to Corey’s boss’s house, a lovely house on the outskirts of Austin with an amazing view. I had to strike a pose, of course. Corey’s boss is a parenting coach, so she was excited to see you inside me, and she was excited to host us. It was a relaxing afternoon that we followed with a relaxing and very VERY filling early dinner at Salt Lick. Salt Lick has lots of meats, and I think we sampled them all – sausage, turkey, beef brisket, ribs, and more sausage. We were full and happy.

Corey treated me to a lovely prenatal yoga class (my first and YOUR first prenatal yoga class!), and I learned a lot. I learned about a pressure point in my pinky toe that when pressed will encourage babies to turn the right way to birth. I also learned you could get baby to turn by putting a bag of frozen peas on your upper tummy, and then the baby will turn away from that and head south. You’re not that far along yet; you’re still swimming free with plenty of room. I learned about kegel exercises, and I’m apparently supposed to be doing 60-100 per day. I did 100 on the plane back home to Nashville, and they were tough.

That night we relaxed, and I hung out with Corey and chatted the night away. We sat by the pool the next morning, and then we ate Whataburger, and Corey took us back to the airport. We had a lovely time, and I especially enjoyed my time with my mommy and my best friend.

Soon Mark and I go back for an ultrasound, and we’ll have a “full anatmony scan” done, where they’ll peek at your heart and make sure it has four chambers. I’m sure your heart is perfect. They’ll check out some other things, too, and we’ll know if you’re a girl or boy. I’ve had dreams about you being a boy, and I’ve had dreams about you being a girl. I have no idea who you are in there, and gender doesn’t matter at all, and I’m looking forward to learning more about you.

Here are some things that are true now:
1. I just finished reading Bossypants by Tina Fey.
2. I had pizza for lunch.
3. Baron is beside me on the couch napping.
4. Mark is playing chess on his phone.
5. I dreamt about breastfeeding you last night.
6. I also dreamt recently that I could pull up a flap and see you growing in my belly, like a kangaroo.
7. Mark has been playing you music lately, including lots of Michael Jackson.

See you soon on the ultrasound screen. I’ll dream about you until then. love love.


3 Replies to “dear baby: 17 weeks, 6 days”

  1. I enjoyed my visit with your mommy and aunt Corey & Nana doesn’t care if you are a boy or girl as long as you are healthy! Love you bunches already! See you soon!

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