You are her. She is you.

Yesterday I was in a yoga class. Our instructor was having us practice bow pose with a strap to get our feet closer to our heads. Only one woman in the class was able to get a foot to her head, as it’s a pretty advanced pose. The rest of us were grunting and stretching and trying even though we’re miles away from our heads.


Our instructor said something so enlightening, which I’m totally and completely paraphrashing here: “Look at her! She did it! And look around. You are her, and she is you. So you can be proud, too, because since she did it, YOU did it!”

We all laughed and celebrated our shared victory, one yogi’s bendiness brought each of us joy.

Then I thought, this is the way it should be. Instead of comparing myself to others and feeling envious, bitter, or discouraged that I can’t do something, I could say WOW. She did it. Look at her! I can do that, too!

This month has been strange. Things have thrown me off, I’ve gotten distracted, and some things happened that I couldn’t control.¬†Sometimes life is wonky. Sometimes it’s beautiful. It’s always there, waiting to be lived. I may blame this colder-than-usual Tennessee winter for my wonkiness. Or I could blame any number of things. But instead I’ll just say that this was a growth period, and I’m ready to emerge fresh and beautiful from the cocoon.

Everything I need is inside of me.


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