Daily Commitments Spark Habits

2013-07-06 20.27.36I’m pretty new to yoga, and I follow some pretty amazing yogis on Instagram. They present monthly challenges, and this month I was finally bold enough to participate. It’s been interesting so far. Humbling. I thought I was doing some poses much more deeply (much prettier?) than I was doing them in reality. Hello, reality check!

I’ve learned that just because you want to be amazing at something doesn’t mean you will be. Success takes hard work, commitment, daily practice to create a habit to meet your goals. Also, in the yoga sentiment, I’ve learned to accept where I am each day and be proud of it.

To be successful, I have to create healthy habits. If I’m actually going to write a book (like I’ve dreamed of since I was a wee little girl), I have to write every day. If I’m going to do a handstand without a wall, I have to practice 2013-07-09 21.06.37every day. (Okay, maybe not every day. I don’t want to miss a day and beat myself up over it. But I do have to make yoga and writing habits.)

Thank you to all the yogis that have shown me love and support on Instagram so far. And if any of you are interested in the challenge, you can follow me or search the hashtag for July’s challenge: #YOGAngsters


These photos are of the poses for days one through eight. My hope is that when July is complete, daily yoga will be a part of my life. And then I’ll tackle that other beast — writing daily.



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