Reading is Alive

Yesterday I went to return books to the library. And obviously to get more books from the library.

Library Books

Mark said, “Don’t get lost.”

I always want to get lost there. He knows that.

The closest branch to my house isn’t the biggest branch. It’s quite small and cozy. They don’t always have the book I’m looking for, but that’s part of the fun. I went with a list, though I came back with no books from it. None of the books were there. That’s okay; I found others.

Instead I got to browse through the books and wait for something to catch my eye. School’s out for summer in Nashville, and the library had as many kids inside as adults. That makes me happy.

Kids are reading. Not every kid is glued to a video game or an iPad. Kids are reading books with real pages that FLIP! Kids are on computers looking for a book, asking their parents to help them find books, asking librarians to suggests books like the ones they’ve already read.


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