Happiness is yours

Life is a ride, and sometimes all you can do is hold on. Yes, we are in charge of our destinies, but sometimes an outside force is the catalyst for change. Recently my largest freelance client decided to hire full time writers to replace their contract writers, which meant I was out the door. At first I took the news hard. I couldn’t understand why they didn’t want me anymore, and I was certainly concerned about losing my highest paying gig. Once I calmed down, I realized this was actually a gift. I was now free!

I could now focus on two things that have been craving my attention: fiction writing and graphic design. My husband is a software engineer, and he founded Red Room Software. There he builds apps for clients and for himself, and he also creates websites. I have a growing interest in design work. I designed our wedding invitations several years ago, and since then I’ve designed birth announcements, business cards, apps, and websites. With my design work and Mark’s coding skills, we make a truly dynamic team. I’m throwing all my eggs in this basket, and I know together we can create amazing apps that are useful, gorgeous, and intuitive. We’re currently designing the Nashville Pride Festival App, and we’re also seeking new clients. I’m also so pumped about the new design of our Red Room website, which Mark will tackle in code once the Pride App is submitted to Apple for review.

Neon Stars

So today I’m soaking in the Tennessee sunshine, thankful for this new opportunity of working side by side (oh-so-literally, if you could only see how close our desks are) with my husband, who is so freaking cool. I’m soaking in the beauty of the greens and blues, and the crazy neon purples in our yard.

Lemonade smile

I’m making lemonade with peppermint that I plucked from the ground. My toes are sinking into the grass.

4 Leaf

I’m finding four leaf clovers everywhere. Once when I was a kid, I spotted a four leaf clover mid-cartwheel. Ask my sister. She was there.

If you’re looking for a fantastic web design team and app development team, Mark and I are your people. Seriously.


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