Seasons May Change, Winter to Spring

One of my yoga instructors says spring is a time for change. Here in Tennessee, one day can feel like spring, while the next day has you scrambling for your puffy coat and gloves. During this time, she says, we may feel unstable. This can be an opportunity. It can be the perfect time to implement change. It’s something I’m trying out. Change.





It snowed one night and Mark, my husband, called me downstairs. I remember it was cold and I didn’t want to come down, but I did. He wanted to show me our names. He had written them on the deck in snow. Mark, Jess, Baron, Hellan. (Baron and Hellan are the dogs, and Hellan’s real name is Angel. Hell’s Angel, Hellan, etc. Mark likes nicknames.)

These would be gone by the next day, just as we, in the whole life of the planet and universe, would basically be gone in a day. Seasons change, we grow old, we die, we come to life. But what matters is that today we are a family. Mark, me, and these two dogs. We live together, love each other, and try to be our best. We’re all sharing this moment, savoring it.


In this crazy season I’m grateful for Mark, my best friend who challenges me each day to be better and love more. Thanks for your snow pictures and general every day antics.


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