I’m Jessica Bates, a writer & a human.

jessica bates nursing portrait
Nursing my son at 9 months. Photo by Cody Emberton, Freestone Photography.

This is the most soul-exposing photo I have of me. Nursing has taught me so much about myself, and I’ve been thrilled to have had success with this sacred act. I look forward to releasing my new project, stories and poems about motherhood, called Birth & What Came After.

How did I come to write?

I’ve always been a reader. My grandpa sold books to schools and book fairs, so I grew up around books. My parents read to me a lot. When my sisters came along, I read to them, too. And then I started writing. It all felt right. I don’t remember a time where I couldn’t read or write. So naturally, I like book clubs, and I run one here in Nashville.

I’m other stuff, too: a reader, a wife, a dog & human mother, a sister, a daughter, a yogi, a day dreamer, a night owl.

Every one of us is so complicated. What are we here for? Is this all a dream? Okay, enough of that for now….

I like Instagram. Also, I don’t like wearing shoes.


Red Room Software

My husband Mark Freeman founded Red Room Software in 2010. We make apps for the Apple App Store. (My sister, a first grade teacher in Nashville, wanted a sight words app with translations for her multilingual students & families, so we made that. It’s free & cross-platform. Please check it out & support our work!)

on Instagram at: @redroomnashville

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